Thursday, July 1, 2010

Holiday work - Part 1: Understanding the ‘The Elderly Challenge’

These are the four key recommendations of the report
a)Providing a variety of housing for the elderly to live in so as to fulfill their needs.
b)Public Buses with priority seats specially for the elderly.
c)When the government have budget surpluses,it can be used to top up the elderly Medisave accounts so that the elderly will have to money to see doctor and/or by medicine.
d)Organize activities and programmes for the elderly to take part in so that they can learn how to live a lifestyle they would want to have.

The CAI recommends that families become more involved with the elderly.

The ministries will look at the recommended solutions and will arrange the cost of the solutions, making it cost effective.

Firstly, help them in any difficulties, troubles they are in despite our 'minus' factors like being late, etc.
Secondly, we must not  laugh or giggle about their disadvantages, even if they are different from us which is true, especially the wheelchair bound elderly. 
Thirdly, we can perform acts of kindness towards them such as giving up our seats on the bus or MRT.

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