Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Laptop bag :
P) The bag is strong enough to hold the heavy weight of my laptop and my books.
I ) It has a compartment for a laptop which has cushions to protect my laptop from damage.
S) It looks nice.

Something given to me by somebody older( Mac Book) :
I) It has a bigger ram than the other laptops that were available.
E) I was happy because it was my first personal laptop.
S) It is used for my studies.

MRT ride :
P) The ride was very fun as we saw many places in Singapore.
I) We wanted to find out about the circle line and Joo Koon Station.
E) It was fun as we joked to each other and played on the train.
S) Many people who knew what we were doing said that we were wasting our time, but it fun as we found out about many places.

Watching a documentary/movie:
P) It was very funny when the main character make laughable remarks.
I) My friends and I were bored as it was during the holidays.
E) I was happy as I had gone out with my friends and we had fun.

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